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November 2019

Divorce Preparation and Settlement
The Secrets to “Winning” Your Divorce
Can you “win” your divorce? Here are typical misconceptions that family lawyers hear from clients, and advice to help them set realistic expectations for the process.

Inspirational Stories and Advice
Don’t Let a Limited Belief System Hold You Back After Divorce
Make today the day to stop saying No because of what has happened; choose Yes because you owe it to yourself to thrive after divorce!

Coping with Divorce
Take the High Road for Thanksgiving After Divorce
For children caught in the crossfire of custody disputes, holidays can become a time of woe rather than joy. Put the “Happy” back in “Happy Thanksgiving”.

Legal Issues
Gray Divorce: What It Is and Why It Happens
5 reasons why the divorce rate for those over 50 – known as “gray divorce” – has been rising steadily for the last 20 years.

Relationships and Dating
I Have NO Interest in Dating Since my Divorce
No, I’m not dating or looking to date. If I happen to meet someone out there, that’s great – but until then, I’m happy with keeping my TV remote to myself.


October 2019

Legal Issues
Does an Expert Witness’ Opinion Depend on Who Hired Them?
If a divorce case goes to trial, the experts brought by each party may have different – if not diametrically opposing – views. How does this happen?

Financial Issues
Divorce: Do You Need a Business Valuation Expert?
Valuation of business interests in the context of divorce can be complex and litigating the issues of support and asset division can be challenging.

Coping with Divorce
Divorce, Zen Style: Managing Emotions in a Divorce
In a divorce, you need a clear head, a long-view and a realistic assessment of where you are and where you are going.

Conflict Resolution
5 Tips for Working Through Relationship Conflict
Working through issues in a relationship doesn’t have to be the same as “fighting.” Here’s a better approach for those with divorce or co-parenting problems to solve.

Children and Divorce
Supporting Your Teen During and After Divorce: Here are 21 Tips
Most parents and a lot of other people want to support a young person as they go through such a challenging time as the divorce of their parents.


September 2019

Considering Divorce
Should You Stay Together for the Children’s Sake?
Basically, when it comes to divorce and children a parent should do what they know to be in their child’s best interest.

Relationships and Dating
One Date Wonders: My Revolving Door of Post-Divorce Dating
I found that the more men I dated the less likely I was to feel good about myself and it certainly wasn’t going to lead to a healthy relationship.

Coping with Divorce
9 Strategies to Keep Yourself Together After Divorce
Personal catastrophe can teach us, or damage us. Here’s how to come through it.

Co-Parenting after Divorce
Why Shared Parenting After Divorce Is Optimal for Children
Studies have shown that children who spend 35% or more of their time with each parent have deeper bonds and a better relationship with both parents.

Debt and Divorce
Should You File For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Before or After Divorce?
Declaring bankruptcy can be the right option for those who find themselves in a desperate financial situation during or after divorce, but timing can be crucial.


August 2019

Property Division
What You Need to Know About Property Division During Divorce
In most states, property is divided equitably, not equally. Learn what factors the court must consider during property division.

Spirituality and Divorce
God Hates Divorce – But Loves Divorcees
God wants us to embrace and love divorcees as He does – not avoid, ignore, or shame them.

Preparing for Divorce
Is it Better to Litigate or to Settle Your Divorce?
You could lose time and money by litigating instead of settling – but you must understand the likelihood of achieving your goals in court before making a decision.

Divorce Recovery
Tips for a Stress-Free Vacation After Divorce
After divorce, you deserve a relaxing vacation: alone, with a friend, or with your kids. Read these tips to make your trip as stress-free as possible.

Co-Parenting after Divorce
7 Tips for Spending the Summer Without Your Kids
For divorcing couples, summer vacation isn’t a walk in the park. If you’ll be spending the summer without your kids, these tips will ease the transition.



July 2019


Divorce Process
The Initial Divorce Consultation: Everything You Need to Know
A productive initial divorce consultation can provide a toolbox of information allowing you to reflect on your situation before taking the next steps.


Infidelity and Divorce: In Divorce Court, Infidelity Doesn’t Matter
Infidelity and divorce are two hotly debated topics in divorce court. Is it time to abandon the idea that infidelity really matters in divorce settlements?


Considering Divorce
Should I Stay in a Marriage Only Because My Spouse Has Cancer?
When a spouse has cancer, it can be very difficult to navigate through the emotional and physical turmoil. Should a couple divorce during a serious illness?


Legal Issues
Who Gets To Keep The Dog After Divorce?
Is your dog your “furbaby”? Does your ex feel the same way? If you can’t agree on who gets to keep the dog after divorce, you might end up fighting for “custody” in court.


Co-Parenting after Divorce
11 Tips for Managing Summer Vacation as a Divorced Parent
Tips and ideas to help make summer vacation simple and calm post divorce.




June 2019


Fathers and Divorce
5 Tips for Dads Who Want Full Custody of Their Child
Certain custody tips for dads can be helpful in increasing their chances of gaining custody of their kids. Read on for tips that can help you win your case.


Legal Issues
Establishing Paternal Rights Over a Child Born in an Intact Marriage
If you are the biological father of a child born to an intact marriage, but you are not the husband, here is some much-needed clarification on paternity.


Financial Issues
Financial Infidelity is On The Rise: Why Couples Keep Financial Secrets
Do you keep financial secrets from your spouse? If you do, you’re not alone.


Divorce Recovery
Dumper or Dumpee, Who Would You Rather Be?
Dumper, dumpee? Since I was the dumpee I tend to see this issue from my perspective.


Coping and Divorce
Setting Boundaries During Divorce
To help alleviate your divorce-related stress, you should learn the value of setting boundaries during divorce.  



May 2019


Children and Parenting after Divorce
Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Divorce: 5 Ways to Be a Hero
Special days can be challenging for divorced parents. Here are 5 ways to be a role model for your kids – in spite of how you feel about your ex.


Coping with Divorce
The Importance of Taking a Break From Your Divorce!
Divorce produces a lot of stress, so you must set aside time to focus on positive things and take a break from your divorce.


Co-Parenting after Divorce
How to Handle an Angry Ex During Divorce
Out of all the emotions that can arise between exes during divorce, perhaps the hardest one to deal with is anger.


Financial Issues
Redesigning Your Financial Life After Divorce
Practical steps for handling your financial matters during the divorce transition.


Dating after Divorce
Essential Tips For Moms Dating After Divorce
For newly divorced moms getting back into dating comes with some apprehension; here are 5 tips to help relieve some of that stress. 



April 2019


Tax and Divorce
Co-Parenting Mythbusters: Divorce + Tax Implications
As a co-parent, you need to understand the tax implications of your divorce agreement. These myths can make the divorce process even more confusing than it already is.


Marriage and Divorce
Can a Gaming Addiction Lead to Divorce?
Like any other addiction, gaming addiction can lead to conflicts in a marriage. But can it lead to divorce?


Divorce Recovery
How Childhood Neglect and Abuse Impacts Divorce Recovery
Divorce can be emotionally draining. If you’re also suffering from depression and low self-esteem, consider making counseling part of your road to recovery.


Financial Issues
What You Need to Know About High Asset Divorce
High asset divorce cases often entail complex legal issues. Here are some key things to consider when undergoing a high asset divorce.


Children and Divorce
Children: An Unnecessary Casualty of Divorce Wars
As a father, you play an important role in making sure your children do not become casualties of your divorce.




March 2019


Financial Issues
Are All Assets Equal in Your Divorce?
When dividing assets during divorce, it isn’t only about the value of the asset – there’s more to consider. All assets are not created equal!


Children and Divorce
How to Help Kids Learn Resilience: 6 Tips for Single Parents
After divorce, kids need resilience to be able to “bounce back” from the pain of losing their intact family. Here are 6 tips to help kids learn resilience.


Divorce and Annulment
Trailing Spouses: Divorce, Depression, and the Challenges They Face
Facing divorce after following your husband from state to state or country to country? If so, you’re what is commonly referred to as a “trailing spouse.”


Relationships and Dating
Hard Lessons Learned from a Post-Divorce Relationship
If you jump too quickly into a post-divorce relationship, you may find yourself in a relationship that is less than healthy.


Coping with Divorce
Dos and Don’ts for a Low-Conflict Divorce
Following these tips will promote civility and help you and your spouse navigate a low-conflict divorce.




February 2019


Considering Divorce
Contemplating Divorce? Do These 5 Things First
If you’ve started seriously contemplating divorce, how will you know if it’s time to move on from your marriage – or any significant relationship?


Relationships and Dating
8 Warning Signs Your Marriage is Headed for Divorce After Infidelity
While infidelity can be devastating to a marriage, some specialists believe that it’s important to try to resolve the crisis and rebuild trust if possible.


Coping with Divorce
Divorce Never Means You’ve Failed: Here’s Why
Divorce means you’re choosing to live a life that promotes happiness and growth instead of one that stifles you.


Legal Issues
What You Should Do If Your Spouse Refuses to Sign Divorce Papers?
In all states, you can get a divorce whether your spouse signs the paperwork or not.


Children and Divorce
Your Ex Wants to Move Out of State With Your Child: What Now?
What are your options if your ex wants to move out of state with your child after divorce?




 January 2019


Coping with Divorce
7 New Year’s Resolutions for Divorced or Divorcing People
Divorce and separation bring change, wanted or not. Why not take advantage of the opportunity to create New Year’s resolutions that fit your new life?


Divorce News
New California Law on Pet Custody
The law, which takes effect in early 2019, will allow divorcing couples to petition for sole or joint ownership of a pet.


Financial Issues
New Year Financial Checklist: 7 Things to Think About
Here are 7 aspects of your financial life to think about as you begin this new year.


Divorce Recovery
5 Things I Learned From an Unwanted Divorce
An unwanted divorce, although painful, is an opportunity to learned valuable life lessons.


Children and Divorce
7 Tips For Telling Your Kids About Your Divorce
It will probably be the most difficult talk you’ve ever had with them – even if you know divorce is the right decision.






December 2018


Co-Parenting after Divorce
3 Tips to Alleviate the Stress of Sharing Custody Over the Holidays
How do you share custody of your children over the holidays without it turning into a nightmare?


Tax and Divorce
New Tax Laws: Child Tax Credit and Dependency Exemption
Congress has made significant changes to tax credits and exemptions that will matter a lot to divorcing parents. Do you know how the new tax laws will affect you?


Coping with Divorce
Divorcing but Still Living Together During the Holidays?
Here are five tips for navigating the holidays if you are in the process of divorce but still living together.


Divorce Recovery
10 Powerful New Year’s Resolutions for Separated or Divorced People
Newly single? Take the opportunity to reinvent your life and put you on the path to happiness and prosperity.


Divorce News
Divorce Rates Are Falling: At Least For Some People
Divorce rates are falling for people under 45, but the divorce rate has doubled for those over 55 and tripled for those over 65.




November 2018


Financial Issues
Level the Playing Field While Preparing Finances for Divorce
A financial specialist can help you understand the long-term impact of the proposed divorce settlement.


Coping with Divorce
Thanksgiving Challenge: Giving Thanks and Staying Positive
You may be dreading Thanksgiving – especially if you are recently divorced and not accustomed to being single on this family holiday. Here’s help.


Marriage and Divorce
Do Women Initiate Divorce More Frequently than Men?
Researchers have found that women initiate divorce almost twice as often as men. Why? Read on!


Co-Parenting after Divorce
Tired of Feeling Angry at Your Co-Parent? These 6 Tips Will Help
When you’re angry, you lose the ability to use reason and logic. These tips can move you from emotional & reactive to calm and proactive.


Divorce Recovery
Use Music to Reduce Divorce Anxiety
When divorce anxiety grips you, relief is as close as the music on your phone. Download the right pieces, and you’ll soothe your divorce pain.




October 2018


Financial Issues
Survey: How Student Loan Debt Impacts Divorce
More than a third of student loan borrowers claim that debt contributed to their divorce. Here’s what we found in the survey.


Considering Divorce
Avoiding Divorce? 5 Signs You Need to Let Go of a Bad Marriage
Facing the fact that your marriage is failing and you’re staying for all the wrong reasons is a difficult reality to come to terms with.


Marriage and Divorce
Just Because Divorce Is Socially Acceptable Doesn’t Mean You’ll Divorce
Most marriages aren’t doomed to end in divorce. Here are why some do – and what you should do to make sure yours doesn’t.


Co-Parenting after Divorce
7 Tips for Co-Parenting Without Losing Your Sanity
If you’re struggling to co-parent with an ex you can’t stand, life can be exhausting. These tips can help make it a little easier.


Dating after Divorce
4 Ways to Find the Confidence to Start Dating After Divorce
It can be hard to work up the nerve to start dating again – and not only because it’s been years since you last went on a date.




September 2018


Divorce Recovery
7 Reasons to Enjoy Your Divorce
Divorce offers many learning opportunities – such as the importance of self-care, and how to find love inside yourself and with others.


Financial Issues
How to Choose Your Divorce Financial Professional
Just as you need a neurosurgeon to perform brain surgery, you need a divorce financial professional during your divorce.


Coping with Divorce
4 Tips for Coping with a Difficult Ex During Divorce
Coping with a difficult ex isn’t easy; here are four helpful tips to make your interactions a bit easier.


Relationships and Dating
The First Step When Dating Post-Divorce
A self-assessment is key to determining what you’re looking for and ensuring that your next relationship is a healthy one.


Children and Divorce
How to Create a Parenting Plan That Fits Your Family
If you and your ex can’t agree, a child specialist can help you create a parenting plan that meets everyone’s needs.




August 2018


Preparing for Divorce
11 Parallels Between Divorce and a Hurricane
Divorce is more than a lifestyle change: it can rip through all we hold dear with the fury of an offshore hurricane.


Children and Divorce
8 Ways a Divorced Dad Can Boost his Daughter’s Self-Esteem
A divorced dad can empower his daughter with a willingness to put her interests first by using these strategies.


Coping with Divorce
5 Reasons for Divorce – and the Power of Acceptance and Forgiveness
Some reasons why “together forever” turns into “never” – and how to move on to new adventures post-divorce.


Co-Parenting after Divorce
10 Tips from a Former Judge to Make You a Better Parent after Separation and Divorce
A former Family Court Judge offers tips (and an eye-opening music video) to help you become a better parent.


Considering Divorce
What Does Summer Mean for a Marriage on the Rocks?
Summer can provide the opportunity to make a decision: to try to repair your marriage or to separate.




July 2018


Coping with Divorce
6 Reasons Divorce is Harder on Men than Women
Women, unlike men, find it easier to cope with divorce because they are more likely to seek professional help and reach out to friends and family for support.


The Divorce Process
The Divorce Process: What to Expect Step by Step
The divorce process doesn’t come with a “how-to” manual, and there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach. Here are 7 steps to help make it more manageable.


Children and Divorce
Summer Vacationing with One-Half the Money and One Parent
Offer experiences that create memories. The most memorable times with our parents were simple experiences that were full of emotional connections.


Gray Divorce
The Gray Divorce Penalty
Divorce in mid-life produces a “gray divorce penalty.” Women and men experience very different gray divorce penalties: women face an economic gray divorce penalty, while men face a social gray divorce penalty.


Divorce Preparation
Knowledge Is Power: 3 Helpful Divorce Preparation Tips
Knowledge is power, which is why divorce preparation it such an important step before beginning the divorce process. The more information you have, the better prepared you’ll be for the long road ahead.




June 2018


The Divorce Process
Divorcing a Narcissist
5 pieces of advice to live by if you are divorcing a narcissist.


Coping with Divorce
10 Steps to Recover from a Divorce
Take this opportunity to rediscover yourself instead of dwelling on your regrets about failed marriage.


Relationships and Dating
Tone of Voice Can Predict Marital Success
How you say it, not just what you say, can impact your marriage


Financial Issues
Financial Abuse is a Form of Domestic Violence
Abuse of any kind, including financial abuse, is a dangerous element in marriage. Look for these signs.


Children and Divorce
9 Tips for Helping Your Kids Get Through Your Divorce
Work hard to make your divorce as painless for your kids. Make their interests an A+ priority.




May 2018


The Divorce Process
The Role of Your Divorce Team
Consulting an Attorney, CDFA Professional, and Therapist During Your Divorce


Relationship Matters
7 Ways to Repair Relationship Conflict and Recover More Quickly
Relationship conflict will happen and differences don’t have to lead to a breakup. Dealing effectively with disagreements can make your partnership stronger.


Children and Divorce
Should You Tell the Kids about the Affair
There are a few considerations you must make before deciding whether or not telling the children about your or your spouse’s affair is the right step to take.


Financial Matters
7 Ways a Single Parent Can Stay Financially Fit
As a single parent, these seven tips are going to keep you – and your bank account – happy. And give you plenty of time to relax and enjoy yourself.


Divorce Recovery
4 Grounding Tools to Help with Divorce Grief
Learning effective coping skills for divorce grief and putting ourselves first.


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