Legal Options in Maryland

Are you worried about the high costs of divorce?

Do you fear that you will drain your savings or take on debt to pay for your divorce?

Do you worry that it will take months – even years – before a judge hears your case preventing you from moving on with your life?

Are you concerned that a court battle will destroy your relationship with your kids or any chance of an amicable relationship with your ex-spouse? These are a few of the many prices you may pay in a traditional divorce.

If you are ready to get divorced, but not to take on the high costs, keep reading.

The emotional and financial costs of divorce can be draining and devastating.  When your family is in crisis, your foundation is shaken and it is easy to get overwhelmed.  The first priority is to help you understand your choices – and you do have a choice.

Mediation and collaborative divorce are designed to give clients an effective alternative to a long, costly court battle. These processes allows clients to maintain control over the costs, time and results of their divorce.

Conversely, litigation (going to court) means winning at all costs.  Sometimes litigation is necessary when your spouse will not cooperate, or when your spouse is controlling all of the assets (or access to your children). Litigation is appropriate when you have considered all other options and make no forward progress.  But if winning looks more like saving money for your children’s college and being civil with your ex-spouse so you can attend birthdays, graduations and weddings without drama, then mediation or collaborative divorce is the intelligent choice for you.

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